2004 Youth World Cup

The 2004 campaign in Australia saw NZ produce one World Champion, with Joel Gregory taking out the cutting title.


New Zealand team results
Show One
Show Two
1st Joel Gregory
3rd Joel Gregory
Youth World Champion Cutting - Joel Gregory (picture at right)
4th Leonie Huber
3rd Joel Gregory
8th Jody Blomfield
3rd Leonie Huber
Western Pleasure
9th Joel Gregory
8th Joel Gregory
Western Horsemanship  
5th Olivia Waldock
Hunt Seat Equitation  
2nd Olivia Waldock
Western Riding  
7th Leonie Huber
9th Jody Blomfield
Hunter Under Saddle
6th Olivia Waldock

News at the time from Anne Blomfield (thanks Anne) 
3 July: an update on the fly - "Reining yesterday (2 July) Joel got 0 score 1st show, but Leonie got 4th. 2nd show Joel got 3rd, Leonie didn't place. Both times the kids placed they were put down due to a tie breaker. Italy won both shows.

Today (3 July) showmanship won by USA. None of our kids in the line up. Jody 
narrowly missed (according to judge) - horse moved a pivot foot. Apart from that a good run. Jody, Amanda and Olivia in it. Trail was won by the Dutch. Jody came 8th on a really unco-operative horse. (Picture at right.) Pleasure Joel came 9th and Canada won."

1 July
: "Cutting today. Very good news for NZ. Joel has won gold in the first show, and 3rd in the 2nd. He rode a horse called 49er Command - a very experienced horse that rode just like his horse in NZ. 

Jody did a good job but lost a cow and that put her out of the place getters. She had a very green horse (futurity horse just a few months ago), but she is pleased and tried her heart out. They ran it a bit different than they used to. Had 12 horses - one for each country. Each country had 2 kids. 2 draws - one for the morning, and one for the afternoon. Joel drew his horse for the morning - which ment that he did the morning clinic - then rode his cut under the 2 judges. Jody drew her horse for the afternoon - she rode in the afternoon clinic and show. 

The scores for each judge were kept for both shows and they were placed for the whole day 2 judge system. This meant that they could use only the 12 horses that they had for the 24 kids that needed them. In some ways the afternoon were disadvantaged - horses being tired, but other horses needed that first run to 'work in'. "

Photo above right: the team of Jody Blomfield, Amanda Broughton, Joel Gregory, Leonie Huber and Olivia Waldock with assistant Steffi Young.