New Zealand's youth world cup history

A New Zealand team has competed at the QH Youth World Cup since the second time it was ever held, and have never missed a year.

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2002 - Amarillo, Texas, USA
Manager: Barry Ladd 
Coach: Dave Young
Jacob Ladd: Reserve World Champion Trail
Chase Oldfield
Aaron Scobie
Stacy Johnson
Emma Johnson
NZ - 10th overall

2000 - Italy
Manager: Barry Ladd 
Coach: Dave Young
Aaron Scobie
Deborah Whitehead
Rebecca Johnson
Catherine Ladd
Jacob Ladd
NZ - 5th overall

1998 Amarillo, Texas, USA
Manager: Barry Ladd 
Coach: Dave Young
Shannon Mapp
Aaron Scobie
Catherine Ladd
Rebecca Johnson
Sarah Clarke
NZ - 7th overall

1996 - Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Juanita Tresidder
James Hazeldine
Dylan Mapp
Rebecca Johnson
Catherine Ladd

1994 - Aachen, Germany
Coach/Manager: Dave Young 
Assistant Coach: Gayle Falconer
Jozette Thode: World Champion Western Pleasure
James Hazeldine: Reserve World Champion Cutting & Versatility
Anna Shaw
Juanita Tresidder
Andrew Dickson

1992 - Tamworth, Australia
Manager: Marilyn Lemberg 
Coach: Ian Francis & Gayle Falconer
Jozette Thode: World Champion Trail
Karla Jamieson: Reserve World Champion Trail
Carol Anderson
Claire Donaldson
Fleur Falconer

1990 - Calgary, Canada
Trainer: Glenn Campin
Julie Coleman: Reserve World Champion Cutting
Gayle Falconer
Ruth Laidlaw
Fleur Falconer
Melissa Rennie
NZ - 6th overall

1988 - Fortworth, Texas, USA
Team Manager Youth: Val Basset
Team Manager Admin: Brent Craig
Gayle Falconer: World Champion Hunt Seat Equitation
Kylie Ferguson: Reserve World Champion Western Riding
Jan Robinson
Tony Belcher
Allanah North
NZ - 5th overall

1986 - Upper Beaconsfield, Australia
Manager: Val Basset
Coach: Cliff King 
Mark Chamberlin: Reserve World Champion Cowhorse
Jane Severinson
Pauline Gallien
Donna Alison
Paul Lyons

1981 - Dubbo, Australia
Manager: Gary Penny
Coach: Ricky Glenn
Kim Coleman
Jane Severinson
Helen Falconer
Sheryl Penny
Annie McNutt

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