Breeding a Quarter Horse?

Things for Quarter Horse mare owners to knowIf you are considering breeding your mare and wish to register the progeny with AQHA-NZ, there are some things you should be aware of when choosing a stallion. 

  • The stallion must be classified with AQHA-NZ 
  • The stallion owner must be a member of AQHA-NZ at the time of breeding 
  • The stallion owner must supply you with a pink breeding slip once your mare is vetted in foal 
  • The stallion owner CANNOT withhold the pink breeding slip if your mare is vetted in foal, as the pink breeding slip is an AQHA-NZ document
  • If you are purchasing an in-foal mare make sure as well as the registration certificate you also receive from the owner the pink breeding slip relevant to that breeding 
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